Hand Pipes

Smoking from a hand pipe is many smokers' favorite way to relax. Just holding a pipe brings delicious anticipation. At Grasscity.com, we've assembled a huge selection of hand pipes to choose from, made from a variety of materials, ranging from down-home corn cob pipes to one-of-a-kind glass art hand pipes.

Here you'll find hundreds of glass hand pipes, including steamrollers from high-end German glass bong brands ROOR and EHLE, handmade sherlock pipes, spoon pipes and much more from American Glass Works in Eugene, Oregon, and collectable artistic glass hand pipes from talented glass artists like Salt and RX.

Metal pipes are popular for their durability, bright colors and sometimes ingenious features like the 350mm-long smoke cooling path inside the anodized metal Raswell pipe by Red-Eye. Don't miss the six shooter pipe that lets you fill every chamber and have a fresh bowl ready to go with a twist of the revolving drum.

Wooden hand pipes are also a popular choice, with a sensual, natural feel and affordable prices. Ceramic pipes often offer novel shapes to smoke from, while Brazil pipes feature intriguing characters. For sneaky tokes, check out our stealth hand pipes, portable and easy to stash or carry in your pocket. There's much more to discover so take a look!